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Oily waste management

Dear p2techers,

We're working on a project here at Tellus concerning reuse/recycling of 
industrial waste fluids, primarily, metal containing waste oils.  
Following is a brief description of the problem, written by Rob Graff, 
one of the folks directly involved in the project.  If you have any leads 
for them, please send info on to me or Rob.  Both of our email addresses 
are listed at the bottom of this message. 



Tellus Institute is a non-profit research organization with particular 
expertise in assisting businesses develop integrated approaches to 
managing environmentally hazardous material that simultaneously result in 
economic and environmental benefits.

Tellus is currently working with a team representing a group of 
facilities owned by a major manufacturer to assist them in developing an 
improved approach to managing their oily waste.  This oily waste is a 
combination of metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants, and in-process 

This manufacturer has as its long term goal for these facilities a 
"closed loop" system, where oily waste would to the maximum extent 
feasible be processed and returned to generating facilities as high value 
inputs.  This goal, however, must be balanced with the financial and 
technical constraints on processing oily waste.  

I would appreciate any information or leads you can easily provide 
regarding innovative programs for managing oily waste generated by 

In addition, I would greatly appreciate being made aware of any 
comprehensive life-cycle analysis or materials flow analysis already 
conducted regarding the merits of closed loop recycling vs. making virgin 
base oils in a metalworking environment.  

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Robert Graff - Associate Scientist - Tellus Institute
11 Arlington Street - Boston, MA  02116  USA
phone: (617) 266-5400 x276 - fax: (617) 266-8303  
email: rgraff@tellus.org - web: www.tellus.org

Diana Zinkl

Tellus Institute
11 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
tel: (617) 266-5400, fax: (617) 266-8303
dzinkl@tellus.org, http://www.tellus.org
(note change from 'tellus.com'.  '.com' is still usable)