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Fine chemicals company

Dear p2techs,

I ask again for your useful help.

A Spanish fine chemicals company has changed its production process of
cephalexine to an enzymatic process and now generates an aqueous
effluent with the following characteristics:

		Forecasted volume for 1998:		3.400 m3

		Average composition:	

			Ammonium sulphate:	  2,4%
			Nitrogen (Kjeldahl):	  0,63%
			Phenylglycine:	  0,58%
			7-ADCA:		  0,08%
			Other  -lactamic:	  0,03%
			Water:			96,28%

			COD (ppm O2):	23.696
			Conductivity (ÁS/cm2):	13.274
			pH:			         4,4
			NH4+ (ppm):		  9.140
			SO42-(ppm):		16.250	

7-ADCA = 7-aminodesacetoxicephalosporanic acid

The company is seeking potential reuse options for this wastewater in
the fine chemicals industrial sector or in any other sector.

I would really appreciate any hints on this subject.


Esther Monfa
Centre for Cleaner Production Initiatives
Travessera de Gracia, 56, 1
08006 Barcelona (Spain)

e-mail: prodneta@cipn.es
fax: +34 93 4144582