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Subject: RE:  Lime Sludge 
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 13:35:43 -0500
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Getting rid of lime or lime sludge is probably easy it is highly sought
after for agricultural purposes.  The problem most likely is what is it
contaminated with.  Lime can be used to create metal hydroxides which
are less soluble, thereby cleaning up a water discharge but leaving the
metals in the sludge.  The first thing I would have to ask is what are
the metals concentration in the lime.  If they are lower that the
background in soil I would think it could be useful for ag purposes.
But people should always ask when reusing a product "what process does
it come from and what is contaminated with?"

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> Subject: Lime sludge
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> Is anyone aware of companies in your state who are successfully
> finding ways 
> for lime sludge from pretreatment operations to be used?
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