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Re: Another Electronics Publication

Fran Martin referenced a federal web site that has valuable P2 information on specific industries.   At this site, you can download summaries of some of these publications.   There is one document: Profile of the Electronics and Computer Industry (9/95) that can be down loaded, in total, at a separate address.   It can be accessed at:

It gives a good overview of the electronics and computer industry, including source reduction and recycling.   There is a section on CRTs that should be of interest to Donna Toy-Chen, who requested info on this subject.   The section includes CRT assembly and panel coating procedures.  Noteworthy are the several different waste streams generated during the coating and CRTassembly process, focal points of source reduction.   There is a section on CRT salvage or disassembly.   As I stated in my initial message, separating the front and back panels to minimize cross- contamination is problematic and requires specialized procedures.
The article, The Recycling of Cathode Ray Tubes (see my previous message) goes into some detail on this subject (pages 11 - 22).   The Techneglass web site devotes an entire article to the process of uniting and separating the front and back panels of CRTs.

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