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Re: ISO 14001 EMS vs. Responsible Care -Reply

Actually, my question is very relevant to a critical program here in Michigan.  Our "Clean Corporate Citizen" program provides regulatory benefits to certain companies that adopt and implement an environmental management system, a P2 program, and have a good compliance record.  Our rule outlines what elements are required for each of these criteria.  We have accepted ISO 41001 as satisfiying the EMS criterium--that was a "no brainer" since the EMS portion of our rule was modeled after the ISO standard.   Now we have been asked to consider Responsible Care as meeting the underlying essence of an EMS.  I have looked at both, and see subtile differences but am interested in what the arguements would be against having RC satisfying an EMS requirement.  (By the way, as far as I can tell, RC has a very strong P2 element--much stronger than ISO's "prevention of pollution"--anyone want to argue that issue???)

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