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Paper Blankets

   For the Emergency Management inquiry, there may be other sources which 
   may put the paper blankets to use rather than disposing of them.  
   1.)	   Might one or more fire companies be able to use these if these 
   have fire retardant properties?  A telephone call to your local fire 
   department may provide you with a contact listing for fire departments 
   within PA - perhaps an association of fire departments or 
   One organization is the Pennsylvania Fire Services Institute at 	 
   	   	   http://www.pfsi.org/  .   
   I am sure there are others to be found by searching the web.
   2.)	   Have you contacted an industrial waste exchange?  Perhaps some 
   business(es) may find these blankets useful for an industrial 
   application.  To find waste exchanges in various regions in the US, 
   try the following URL on the internet:  
   	   	   http://www.en.com/users/ccswd/businrcy/appdx-d.htm  .
   An industrial waste exchange helping Pennsylvania businesses is the --
   	   Northeast Industrial Waste Exchange
   	   P.O. Box 2171
   	   Annapolis, MD 21404-2171,  (410) 280-2080
   I hope these suggestions are helpful.
   Jo Anne Hollash