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Re: Case study on fertilizers

     I used to work for a fertilizer manufacturer which recovered the 
     fluoride as fluosilicic acid.  This was then sold for floridating 
     drinking water in major cities.  I understand that Florida phosphate 
     producers are still doing this.  Sorry, I don't have any case studies 
     handy on this.
     Rob Michalowicz
     Conor Pacific Environmental

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Subject: Case study on fertilizers
Author:  mail@ih (JOHN BERNARDO) {-JBERNARD@deq.state.id.us} at MHS
Date:    5/5/98 9:09 AM

I need some assistance.  I am looking for information, particularly a case 
study, of a fertilizer processor which has turned Fluoride from a waste 
product into a viable chemical.
Scenario: The mineral Apatite is mined and processed to produce phospahte 
fertilizer.  Fluoride is a byproduct and conventionally is added to the 
solid waste pile of gypsum in gypsum stacks, or is scrubbed and emitted as 
an air pollutant.  With the advent of the Fluoride rules for fertilizer 
plants, we want to suggest an alternative process to reduce Fl air 
emissions and encourage production of Fl as a product.  (Fl is used in the 
electronics, aluminum extrusion and fertilizer! industries.)
Any information you may have related to this request would be appreciated.
Thank you.
John A. Bernardo
P2 Coordinator, Idaho DEQ
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID  83706
(208) 373-0114  phone
(208) 373-0169 fax