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Re: High school Lab Chemicals

Kagle, Georgia wrote:
> A Pennsylvania school district will be clearing all of the obsolete
> chemicals out of their high school laboratories.  As part of this process
> they are interested in developing a training program for their teachers on
> proper chemical management--from ordering the proper chemicals in the proper
> amounts, to safely handling the chemicals, to proper storage and disposal
> methods for the chemicals.
> They have already gone to some microchemistry, so as not to use as many
> chemicals, but are  looking for additional ideas in this area also.
> Has anyone developed programs of this type , or know of resources available
> in this area?
> Thanks!
> Georgia Kagle
> PADEP-Hazardous Waste
> 717-787-6239
> Kagle.Georgia@exchange.pader.gov
Georgia - Last week at the Roundtable in Cincinnati I heard Lisa
Dufresne of MA OTA give a good presentation on similar training they
have done for middle and high school teachers.  You can contact her at
(617) 727-3260, or lisa.dufresne@state.ma.us.

Jancie Hatcher
GA Pollution Prevention Asst. Div.