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Motor Oil Changing

A water authority with a fleet of 125 vehicles is looking 
for information on cost effective alternatives to changing
motor oil on a time/mileage basis.  I have heard that there
are labs that will analyze oils for this purpose but that it
is not cost effective for vehicles smaller than locomotives.  
Is this true and/or are there vendors of materials for on-site

A protocol for simple indicator tests of critical contaminants
could be a means to significantly extending the life of the 
lubricants without risk to the machinery. The appropriate 
simplified test methods could give a fleet manager the ability 
to reduce waste and better protect the equipment.
It appears that motor oil, engine, and filtration technology 
has progressed without influence on the auto manufacturers 
recommended oil change intervals.  What other product do we 
so routinely dispose of without any real indication that its
performance has diminished?
Any information appreciated.

Bob Gamble