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Motor Oil Changing

    Bob and All,
    I don't have a whole lot of information on this topic but may be 
    able to help a little.  Call me (717-327-3568) for more specific 
    information if the "leads" don't help enough.
    1) Some companies perform testing prior to oil changes on larger 
    pieces of equipment and feel there are definite cost advantages.  
    PP&L is one company which I assume has extended the practice to 
    all of their power generating operations.  I have a contact at the 
    Montour Station and can ask more questions if you have no contact 
    with the company.
    I believe the primary test is for water/moisture levels.  Provided 
    the equipment has some type of built-in filtration system particle 
    contaminants are generally removed...although I believe the 
    filters used are filtering to a finer level than most auto 
    2) I have read (and can hunt for the article) which talks about 
    "permanent" filters for vehicle engines.  Permanent filters are 
    reportedly rather expensive and may be designed more for large 
    trucks than for cars or boats(?).  If I remember right, the 
    filters have a disposable-type element which handles much smaller 
    particle sizes and works in conjunction with (not as a total 
    replacement for) the regular engine oil filter(which would still 
    need periodic replacement).  Reports were that total oil changes 
    became very infrequent and that some fresh oil additions are 
    periodically required to replace routine oil losses through engine 
    3) Another company has reported investing in oil reclamation 
    equipment.  Reclamation units have become smaller, even portable, 
    and possibly more of a consideration investment-wise.  Investment 
    payback will of course depend on just how much used oil is 
    generated...or perhaps I should say "saved" from using the 
    equipment.  Unless oil is seriously damaged, additives in oils do 
    not need replaced (unlike antifreeze recovery) and reclamation 
    equipment reportedly can reduce moisture levels below manufacturer 
    I can provide a company name, but would initially suggest checking 
    the PA Green Pages (or the Pittsburgh Green Pages) for equipment