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Motor Oil Changing -Reply

Bob Gamble,

There are several companies that make and sell
By-Pass filters that require no more oil changes.

Some make up oil is needed of course.  Lots of
testing to prove their success has already

Instead of an oil change, you take an oil sample
and send it for a lab test to assure it future

Some of the by-pass filters I have seen contain a
large handfull of cotton string.  The filter includes a
heating element to drive off moisture,

One company that comes to mind is:

TF Purifiner, Inc.
3020 High Ridge Road, Suite 100
Boynton Beach, Fl 33426
Phone 407/547-9499
Fax 407/547-4025

They have information on what you would test for
and the interval.  They have a lot of other technical
information for your consideration.

Bill Quinn
Pollution Prevention Unit