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Re: Household hazardous waste info

At 03:33 PM 5/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I am looking for Spanish language materials on reducing household hazardous
>waste. I currently have some brochures from the cities of San Francisco and
>Palo Alto, and from US EPA on topics ranging from household cleaners and
>garden chemicals to automobile maintenance. I would like to find more on
>those topics and others.
>If you know of any fact sheets, brochures, etc. which I could add to my
>collection I would be most appreciative.
>Thank you!
>Karen Sundheim (GCI)
>US EPA Region 9 Library
>75 Hawthorne Street, PMD9
>San Francisco, California  94105
>Phone: 415-744-1508
>Fax: 415-744-1474
>Email: <sundheim.karen@epamail.epa.gov>


We do have a chapter in our Spanish Farm*A*Syst materials on "Encuesta sobre
practicas de disposion y manejo de desechos peligrosos" or Assessing your
household hazrdous waste management practices"  .    It was developed by
native speakers and has gone through review by EPA and USDA.  It's a
simplified assessmen twith humorus illustrations that alerts homeowners and
farmers to household and automotive related chemicals that are considered
hazardous and then has charts to help them with proper disposal.  THe focus
is protecting family health and local water quality.  It doesn't cover much
P2.  However it would good first step in identifying  hazardous products
and  following proper management and disposal.  Ideally you would use it
with another educational document on household hazardous waste P2.

It is readily available in PDF format off our website at:

Give me a call if you have any questions.


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