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Re: Motor Oil Changing


We worked with a mine here which explored oil waste reduction in their
heavy equipment.  They were successful in increasing the life of
crankase oils by up to 50 percent.  They were already testing oils for
their equipment maintenance.  They utilized on-board primary and
secondary filtration: a Pall Performax spin-on primary filter, and a
Spinner II secondary filter.  They liked this the best.  They also had
success with a portable shop unit (basically a centrifuge unit) which
they would use periodically, a Pall Portable Fluid Purifier, Model
HSP-180-480 DPG-2.  Greatest savings were in reduced maintenance costs
and increased equipment utilization.

I'm sorry I don't have good contacts for you, this was in '93 and the
mine is in closure now.

As far as testing goes, most heavy equipment maintenance companies
either can do the testing or provide you with lab contacts.  For a fleet
of 125 vehicles, I suspect that a representative sample of a few
vehicles could be used.

By the way, Oberg used to make a reusavle filter system but I beleive
that they've gone out of business.

Kevin Dick
(702) 689-6677