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RE: Motor Oil Changing

	Bob Gamble (gamble.robert@a1.dep.state.us) asks "A water authority
with a fleet of 125 vehicles is looking 
	for information on cost effective alternatives to changing
	motor oil on a time/mileage basis.  I have heard that there
	are labs that will analyze oils for this purpose but that it
	is not cost effective for vehicles smaller than locomotives.  
	Is this true and/or are there vendors of materials for on-site
	testing? "

	Bob --

	I am presently staring at a well-worn copy of "Leading the Way in
Pollution Prevention: Federal Facilities Share Successes,"
which was published by the Alaska Dept. of Enviro Conservation in 1995.  On
page 19, there's a short write-up on the use of aoil analyzer used by
Eielson AFB (near Anchorage).  The case study claims that the device (which
is not described) costs ~ $8,000 and had a payback period of approx. 4
months.  The analyzer evaluates silica content, iron, and metals content.
Upon switching to an oil-change-as-needed basis, oil use was reduced by
nearly 90%. 

Sounds pretty slick to me.

ADEC Contact is:David Wigglesworth, 907-269-7582,  555 Cordova St.,
Anchorage, AK  99501, DWiggles@envircon.state.ak.us.  Hope this helps.  

Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4000 NE 41st Street, Seattle, WA  98105