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Engineering Foundation Meeting

The Engineering Foundation meeting on "Improving the Practice of Pollution 
Prevention" is still on for August 17-21, 1998 in Crested Butte, Colorado.  The 
program has been changed to examine "tools" that can be used in pollution 
prevention assessments.  The group will consider the checklists, questionnaires 
and worksheets found in EPA and DOE guidance manuals along side of problem 
solving and decision making tools (e.g., process characterization to find all 
the opportunities, rank ordering of opportunities, root cause analysis, 
determination of alternatives, selection of alternatives, and implementation of 
alternatives with action planning).  Tool developers and tool users will be 
presenting at the meeting.  Attendees will break into small groups and actually 
use varying combinations of tools to work on actual processes in the 
hotel/conference center as well as some video cases that will be brought to the 
conference.  Plenary sessions will be held to discuss the approaches.  
Information from this conference will be used to update the EPA Facility 
Pollution Prevention Guidance Manual which will be revised early next year.  To 
get information on the conference or to find out how to plug into the 
conference list server, please check out the web page at:


Technical contents of this page are currently being updated to reflect recent 
changes in the content of the program.  Registrations are currently being 
accepted by the Engineering Foundation.

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