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ISO 140001

You may already have your answer, but I
wanted to respond to you in any case.  
1.  The definition within the ISO 14001 standard
includes things like end-of-pipe control.  In
voting on the terminology at the time it was
being developed, the U.S. and others noted
that 'pollution prevention' did not, in their
respective countries, include control and
disposal.  Pollution prevention more properly
meant source reduction.  So, if the standard
was going to define a term to include those
things, it was more acceptable to some
countries such as the U.S. to say 'prevention
of pollution' than the reverse.  Coining the term
'prevention of...' was a compromise of
terminology once the definition was
determined, i.e., once consensus determined
that end of pipe control would be included.
2.  Some countries at the ISO table complained
about the difficulty in translating the term
'pollution prevention' into their own language
for practical use.  (ISO publishes in English
and French, but users translate the standards
into their own language.)  For some, the term
prevention of pollution was more
"translatable" regardless of definition.  
3.  Many countries felt that 'prevention of
pollution', with the definition which includes
controls and disposal, matched their own
country's policies and activities better than
narrowing the definition to the kind of
hierarchy that the U.S. uses.   

Hope some of this helps.

Mary McKiel
EPA Standards Network
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>>> C2P2 <c2p2@sarnia.com> 05/05/98
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To P2 Tech subscribers:

I am doing a workshop with the Canadian
Petroleum Producers Institute on P2
in the Petroleum Industry. A subject that will be
discussed is the
relationship between P2, Prevention of
Pollution and ISO 14000. Do you know
of an ISO 14000 (or another) reference that
clarifies the distinction
between P2 and 'Prevention of pollution' ?
Since this is a striong issue, I
want to have supporting references for the

Thanks for any help received.

Stewart Forbes
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
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