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RE: Re:P2 textbook

Regarding Dr. Ghassemi's recent question about a P2 textbook, 
I have a copy of the Allen/Rosselot book, and believe it can
be very useful as a textbook.  In addition to Kirsten's book,
there is another P2 text, which has recently become available 
from Wiley, and which I had a small part in creating. It is
entitled "Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments: A Practical
Guide" (Wiley, 1998). It was written by several current and
former members of NJTAP.

I don't have a flyer on it, but I believe that more information
about either book is available from Wiley customer service

Jeff Pico
N.J. Technical Assistance Program
   for Industrial Pollution Prevention
973-596-6367 (fax)