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Request for Speaker at SBDC Conference

One of the panels at the upcoming Small Business Development
Center conference in Savanah, Georgia, October 11 - 14th that
EPA is sponsoring is called "Need Hands-On Environmental
Assistance? Who're You Going to Call?".  I am looking for a p2
program rep for this panel and am asking for a volunteer.

I am moderating this session and would like to use the panel to educate
the SBDCs about the array of existing technical assistance providers
and what they can offer to their clients.  The panel will have an SBAP
person, an MEP person and a P2 TAP person.  Rudy Cartier of N.H. has
volunteered to be the SBAP person and I am now looking for the P2 TAP
person.  The session will be on Monday October 12th in the morning.  I
think it would provide an excellent opportunity to highlight the capabilities
of state p2 programs as well as to discuss ways that you are working
with your SBDC program.  If you are interested, please let me know. 
They would like all speakers identified by May 15th.  Please e-mail
if you have any questions as well.