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Job announcement

Following is an annoucement for a job at Tellus Institute.  All inquiries 
should be directed to Susan Helms (t: 617 266 5400, email:  
shelms@tellus.org)  Please pass it on.


Diana Zinkl



About Tellus Institute:
Tellus Institute, located in Boston, is a team of approximately 45 
scientists, planners and policy analysts organized into a non-profit 
research and consulting organization.  The Institute applies the best 
available scientific methods, technical data, and policy analysis to 
address resource management and environmental issues.  Our mission is to 
design rational and equitable resource and environmental strategies for 
the public good.  We conduct policy research on specific problems and 
issues with a keen awareness of the larger issues of our time-- the 
linked problems of economic development, social equity, and environmental 

Tellus Institute was founded in 1976.  Tellus projects are sponsored by 
charitable foundations, state and federal agencies, international bodies, 
public interest groups, and corporations.  The research program is 
organized into four groups:  Energy, Solid Waste, Risk Analysis, and 
Stockholm Environment Institute.

About Risk Analysis:
The Risk Analysis Group evaluates the environmental, public health, and 
financial risks of projects and provides policy, regulatory, and 
technical analysis.  The group develops analytical methods, conducts 
policy studies and technical training in several areas: 
 Pollution prevention and toxics use reduction
 Environmental accounting 
 Life-cycle assessment
 Environmental impact review of proposed facilities
 Negotiation/implementation of host community agreements
 Corporate environmental practices
 Environmental reporting

Job Description:
Tellus' Risk group is seeking a Research Associate or Associate Scientist 
to work in its diverse programs areas of Business Ecology, Sustainable 
Communities, and Public Policy.  The position emphasizes business 
environmental issues with a secondary focus on urban environmental issues 
and environmental policy and regulation.  Specific knowledge of the 
theory and practice of corporate environmental management is desirable as 
well as a general exposure to environmental justice and government 

The person in this position functions both autonomously and as a member 
of project teams. Candidates should possess strong quantitative skills 
that enable systematic and holistic analysis of complex issues ranging 
from corporate decision making to public policy design.  Strong 
communication skills are essential as project work requires writing 
research reports and articles, as well as frequent interaction with 
diverse groups of individuals such as corporate managers and policy 
makers.  Specific job responsibilities include designing and managing 
research projects, supervising research staff, presenting research and 
analysis findings, and contributing to project development.

Candidates should have an outstanding undergraduate performance and a 
graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) in science, engineering, business or an 
interdisciplinary program.  Candidates also should have a minimum of 
three years of industry or combined industry/government experience.  A 
Ph.D. may substitute for experience.  A high level of computer fluency is 
required.  In addition, candidates should show a demonstrated commitment 
to environmental and social issues.

To apply, send a resume, two brief writing samples, references, and 
graduate and undergraduate transcripts to: 

Susan Helms
Tellus Institute
11 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
fax: 617 266-8303
email: shelms@tellus.org

Tellus Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Minorities and women 
are encouraged to apply.  

Tellus Institute
11 Arlington St.
Boston, MA 02116
tel: (617) 266-5400, fax: (617) 266-8303
dzinkl@tellus.org, http://www.tellus.org
(note change from 'tellus.com'.  '.com' is still usable)