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good reports on P2 measurement?

I am trying to find some good papers or documents about measuring pollution
prevention progress that I can provide to some international organizations.
They are trying to develop indicators of P2 progress across industry
sectors, focusing on "before and after" technical assistance.  Right now
they are kind of stuck on the idea of using percentage change in water or
energy use as a result of P2, and are having a hard time grasping the many
issues involved in both obtaining and interpreting such numbers.  Can anyone
recommend one or two good publications that have a good overview of issues
in measuring P2 progress IN AN INDUSTRY SECTOR?  I know there are a fair
number of papers about measuring P2 WITHIN FACILITIES, but this is too
narrow, these organizations want sector-wide indicators which frankly I
think is infeasible (and have told them this), but hey, that's why I want to
identify some literature that bring out the issues to either confirm or
rebut my own arguments.

If you wouldn't mind, please send any responses to the following address,
then I will compile/edit them and repost a summary back to P2TECH.  The
address is 

Burt Hamner
Asian Institute of Management