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(Fwd) re: Printwise

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Date:          Tue, 12 May 98 15:39:13 EDT
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Re: Printwise

This ink system, originally developed by DeLuxe Check Printers, was
purchased a couple of years ago by a Dutch company, SICPA (?).  Rumor
has it that they were working to de-bug a couple of colors so a
complete palette would be available.  What it seems like is that the
whole project got buried for a couple of years.  

I know they're invited to participate at the Printing Industries of
New England Envir Expo on 6-09-98, so if they show, we may have
something new to share.  Some of the product beta-testing occurred in
this area.

George Frantz	MA/OTA	617-727-3260 x631  (fx) 617-727-3827