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EPA's New England office supported a technical
demonstration of the Printwise Ink/Blanket wash system
in 1997.  The investigators, the Mass. Toxics Use
Reduction Institute and their contractor Goldman
Environmental Consultants, tested the product at five
area print shops.  The investigators concluded that use
of Printwise products could allow printers to reduce or
eliminate their major source of VOC emissions,
conventional petroleum-based press wash, and that
Printwise products can work effectively for several
different types of presses and printers.   A full copy of
the report is available - call 1-800-90NEEAT.

SICPA is a Swiss currency corporation that bought the
Printwise system from Deluxe Corporation in 1996.  A
contact at their McHenry, Illinois office is Kenneth Ezop,
a national account manager.  His number is

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