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Re: P2 in the Tourism Industry

Tsung-Tsan Su

Here is a couple of related links on ecotourism you may want to see.

Office of National Tourism- Best Practices Ecotourism
A Guide To Energy and Waste Minimisation
Section 3 - Assistance & Advice

Best of Luck

His Message------->

 There is one thing I need your help. Taiwan EPA and Tourism Bureau 
   will hold a training course on June 8-9 for Taiwan Hotel Industry.  I 
   am invited to give a lecture on Eco-hotel including resource saving 
   and recovery.  I don't have much experience on this. Would you provide 
   me U.S. experiences, especially the successful stories?  Do you have 
   some training materials?  If you don't, would you provide some contact
   persons?  Thanks a lot.
   Best Regards,
   Tsung-Tsan Su
   email: 660015@ucl.itri.org.tw 

Art L. Coleman, Jr.
Ohio EPA,
Division of Hazardous Waste Management,
Technical Assistance Section
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
(my bookmark "homepage"---> links on mercury,
mercury lamps/devices, computer and computer
equipment, dry-cell batteries, appliances, etc.)