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Downlink Opportunity

TO:		Providers of P2 or Compliance Assistance/Education 

SUBJECT:	Invitation to Participate in December 2, 1998, Satellite
		Videoconference: Using Screen Printing Technologies for Business 
		and Environmental Success 

Are you looking for a high-quality educational program that you can
use to help printers save money and reduce compliance headaches? PNEAC
may have just what you need. This is an invitation for you to take
advantage of Using Screen Printing Technologies for Business and
Environmental Success, a satellite videoconference that will be
broadcast by the University of Wisconsin on behalf of PNEAC on
December 2, 1998. Developed in collaboration with the Screenprinting
and Graphic Imaging Association International (SGIA), this program
will provide practical information about how screen printers and
graphic imagers can ensure they are meeting environmental regulations,
and how they can save money and limit compliance problems by reducing
wastes at their source. 

This program builds on the success of the highly acclaimed original
Green and Profitable Printing videoconferences that were broadcast in
May 1996 and December 1997. These programs reached over 3,000
attendees at sites across the U.S. and Canada. A follow-up survey of
printers who attended the 1996 videoconference found that 12 months
after the event, 92% of surveyed printers said they had improved
environmental compliance at their shops, and 97% said they had adopted
one or more of the waste reduction measures featured in the
videoconference! Several participants said Green and Profitable
Printing was the best videoconference they had ever seen. 

PNEAC and SGIA encourage you to think about how your organization
might be able to take advantage of this valuable resource in
increasing your outreach to screen printers and graphic imagers. Our
approach is to add value to your efforts by making this high-quality
program available at a very affordable cost, enabling you to deliver
more to your clients. You have the opportunity to be the local, state,
or regional bridge to this information by hosting one or more sites.
As local host, your organization and any partnering organizations have
the flexibility to decide where downlink sites will be, whether to
charge and how much, and how to best promote the program. We have
found through experience that the most effective way to promote and
deliver this type of a videoconference is to develop a collaborative
partnership to work together to sponsor and promote one or several
downlink sites. This could include printing trade associations,
technical assistance providers, regulators, and perhaps vendors. 

SGIA has agreed to assist the promotional efforts of local 
downlink sponsors by providing mailing labels of screen printers
located within the zip codes you specify.

We hope you use this valuable training resource to enhance your
outreach efforts to screen printers and graphic imagers. 

To get more information on plans for the videoconference and to 
request a downlink registration form, go to the PNEAC Web site, at
www.pneac.org.  ... or if you prefer, contact call Marilyn McDole, at
608-262-0910 or mcdole@ epd.engr.wisc.edu, and she can fax you the
same informational materials.

Sites that are part of the EPA's Air Pollution Distance Learning 
Network (APDLN) will receive information separately regarding their 
options for participating in this program. 


For a sneak preview of a videoconference case study just filmed this 
weekend in NC, go to the PNEAC Web site at www.pneac.org and click on 
"sneak preview."  


Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP
U. of Wis., Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center
610 Langdon Street, Room 532, Madison, WI  53703-1195
Phone:  608/265-2361     Fax:  608/262-6250