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Car wash water recycling

Philip Moravcik-

Whichever wash water recycling system you examine, find out how the
system removes salts.  That fresh Hawaiin sea air that we tourists pay
big bucks for no doubt leaves a salty residue on cars.  If the salt gets
recycled with the water, then you get an increasingly concentrated brine
with each successive car.

When I lived in Wisconsin, I noted that, ironically, cars that were
routinely washed to remove the winter road salt were the first to rust. 
Then I found out that many car washes there recycle the water to save
not only the water but the energy to heat it.  

Things have probably improved in recent years.  Naturally, some systems
will remove salt better than others, and it will pay to investigate this
aspect.  It's a simple matter to measure with a conductivity meter.  The
simplest solution may be to establish a conductivity threshold, monitor,
and add fresh water when necessary.  Reverse osmosis would be a more
elaborate--and expensive--fix.

Bruce Herrick