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database of P2 Tools available

P2-Techers, I wanted to make you aware of a database that we developed with
EPA's lab in Cincinatti (see abstract below). If you find it useful, if
there are tools you'd like to see included (or if you hate it :) please drop
me a line and let me know. We're trying to figure out if this is a helpful
format and if we should pursue an update for next year. 
Melissa Malkin

Research Triangle Institute and EPA, Office of Research and Development have
developed a database of environmental tools that can help you:
	--find the tools to measure pollution prevention (P2) at your
	--see how your existing tools can generate P2 measurement

Currently, 37 tools are included in the Resource Guide, including commercial
software and conceptual tools published as reports or articles. The Resorce
Guide covers 7 categories of tools: 

 	- facility management
 	- process simulation/modelling
		- corporate environmental strategies
		- environmental health and safety
		- regulatory compliance
		- project analysis
		- ISO 14000 and environmental management systems
Each tool is characterized as to how it assists with P2 and P2 measurement.
Also included is information about how the different tools work and how they
manage information. Contact information and availability information is

You can download the Resource Guide for free from its home on the web:
http://clean.rti.org/resguide/. Please take a minute to fill out the
feedback form as well!
For more information, contact Melissa Malkin at Research Triangle Institute.
Email: mjmalkin@rti.org; phone (919) 541 6154; fax (919) 541 7155.