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RE: Sand and dust blowing from parking lot

Marvin Jarrett of our Process & Prevention Services Team suggests the

Incorporate a slaked calcium oxide source into the sand with water. This
could be a waste material.  This should form a hardened mass especially
if rolled down and allowed to set.  If it does set on a small test, use
about 5% slaked lime, 10% pulverized coal fly ash (pozzolanic type), and
85% sand. Disc in, moisten well, and roll it down.  Using 10-15% high
calcium oxide pulverized coal fly ash (type C) may also work with water
and the sand.

Steve Hillenbrand
Industrial Waste Reduction Engineer
Synterprise Group, Division of Tennessee Valley Authority
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> 	Sent: 	Friday, May 22, 1998 12:56 PM
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> 	Subject: 	Sand and dust blowing from parking lot
> 	Here's an odd one for everyone out there... Does anyone have any
> P2
> 	ideas on how to reduce or eliminate the sand particles from
> blowing off
> 	a parking lot into nearby citizen homes, yards, etc.  The
> parking lot
> 	adjoins a baseball field and is part of a private run park.  The
> owner
> 	of the park has already placed trees/shrubs to minimize blowing,
> but
> 	citizen complaints still sky rocket.  The owner had heard of
> placing
> 	citrus oil on top of the sand to minimize blowing of sand
> particles.
> 	Any ideas?