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A Dust Bowl in Pinellas

Ms. Allen:

Up here in the north country we frozen chosen have a similar problem in the
winter with little particles of frozen water (we call it "snow").  No one
has yet proposed mixing anything with it and rolling it to make it stay put
(although  the variant popularly known as "yellow snow" seems not to move
much).  I don't know if "dust fences" would work the same as our decrepit
assemblages of red lath and wire cable that we call snow fence.  But snow
fence sure does slow that stuff down, dropping it in nice heaps for removal
during the 4th of July picnic.

I tend to think the landscape option has been underexamined (or
under-implemented) by your lot owner. 5 generations of prairie dwellers
have perfected the art of making blowing things stop by planting trees and
bushes (except for that nasty Dust Bowl thing, of course).

Terry Foecke
waste Reduction Institute

>Here's an odd one for everyone out there... Does anyone have any P2
>ideas on how to reduce or eliminate the sand particles from blowing off
>a parking lot into nearby citizen homes, yards, etc.  The parking lot
>adjoins a baseball field and is part of a private run park.  The owner
>of the park has already placed trees/shrubs to minimize blowing, but
>citizen complaints still sky rocket.  The owner had heard of placing
>citrus oil on top of the sand to minimize blowing of sand particles.
>Any ideas?