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Re: Information on Eco-hotel practices needed for Taiwan

Hi Dr Su and net denizens:
Pretty soon I am going off to India to help a luxury hotel chain start on
the P2 journey (tough work, but someone's got to do it).  Preparing for it,
I downloaded lots of Web info about P2 in hotels and put it into a Word
file.  So I am attaching it to this email.  It includes stuff from several
hotels, and also some articles from the International Hotels Environmental
Intitiative which is the best source for this stuff.  The idea is that it's
enough to give a hotel manager to read and show him/her that there is
something worthwhile here.

There is also a Green Hotels Association in the US but I have cleverly
mislaid their brochure.  however I just found their website, its
This association is more interested in selling stuff than sharing best
practices, but the stuff is related to the best practices, so big deal.

Actually IHEI is probably not the best source.  Let's remember that "hotel
P2" is actually a combination of P2 for commercial buildings, restaurants,
launderies, bakeries, auto fleet maintenance, offices, and housekeeping.
And probably other sectors too.  I guess you could put together a more
comprehensive catalog of P2 options for hotels by going after the P2 info
for the other sectors, and also the limited stuff on hotels.

There are a few hotel chains in Asia that are really moving along with EM.
The Interncon, Taj and Hilton all have international environmental programs
and I have a friend helping a big waterfront hotel in Hong Kong get ISO
14001 certified but of course they are going slow because the currency
crisis has slashed hotel bookings and income. Asian eco-tourism is related
to Asian hotel P2 tho hotels are not so oriented to "look don't touch"
touring, they can't sell enough hotel gifts in that business.  so there is
plenty of evidence and case studies from Asia, but of course it's spread
across half the world and is hard to track down. I bet if you quizzed the
General Managers of Taipei's big international hotels, you would find that
lots of them have environmental reporting responsibilities to their
corporate chiefs, and that lots of them don't want to tell you very much
because its becoming valuable competitive information.  One of my MBA
students in Makati just had that happen.  Maybe these managers will loosen
up if you take them to one of your famous Taiwanese dinners where 14 people
toast each other continually and you are REQUIRED to down a shot after each
toast.  They might tell you anything!

Best wishes

Burt Hamner
Asian Institute of Management

(See attached file: Hotels.rtf)
>The following request for information was received by NPPR.
>Please cc Dr. Su (see contact info below) on any responses.  Thanks
>  There is one thing I need your help. Taiwan EPA and Tourism Bureau will
>   hold a training course on June 8-9 for Taiwan Hotel Industry.  I am
>   invited to give a lecture on Eco-hotel including resource saving and
>   recovery.  I don't have much experience on this. Would you provide me
>   U.S. experiences, especially the successful stories?  Do you have some
>   training materials?  If you don't, would you provide some contact
>   persons?  Thanks a lot.
>Best Regards,
>Tsung-Tsan Su
>email: 660015@ucl.itri.org.tw