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USEPA P2 Satellite Forum to be held at Argonne

>Subject: USEPA P2 Satellite Forum to be held at Argonne
>Author:  Keith Trychta at EMO
>Date:    5/18/98 4:02 PM
>     USEPA's WasteWi$e Pollution Prevention Satellite Forum to be Held at 
>     Argonne National Laboratory (Southwest suburban Chicago)
>     On Wednesday, June 17, 1998, from 10:00 am to noon, Argonne National 
>     Laboratory's Pollution Prevention Program, in association with DuPage 
>     County Solid Waste Department, Lucent Technologies and Will County 
>     Waste Services Division,  will present the USEPA's interactive 
>     satellite forum, entitled Waste Prevention Pays: Businesses Cut Costs 
>     by Cutting Waste. 
>     The program will feature businesses that have successfully implemented 
>     money-saving waste prevention strategies. These businesses have 
>     actually saved money by reducing the waste in their companies, and 
>     they will share their strategies with you. In addition, a waste 
>     analyst will reveal the hidden costs of waste in the office, the 
>     shipping and receiving department, and in certain purchasing practices 
>     throughout the company. Viewers will learn specific steps to take to 
>     cut out these unnecessary--and avoidable--costs.
>     The forum will take place from 10 a.m. to noon, Wednesday, June 17, by 
>     satellite downlink in Argonne's building 203 auditorium. Attendees are 
>     encouraged to come early. The auditorium doors will open at 9:30 a.m. 
>     Refreshments will be provided. Argonne's main entrance is off Cass 
>     Avenue, immediately south of I-55.
>     To confirm site access and reserve a place at this event, please 
>     contact one of the following event coordinators:
>     Keith Trychta, Argonne National Laboratory, 630-252-1476, E-mail: 
>     ktrychta@anl.gov
>     David Peterson, Argonne National Laboratory, 630-252-3924, E-mail: 
>     dppeterson@anl.gov
>     Rod Elges, DuPage County Solid Waste Department, 630-682-6754, E-mail: 
>     solidwst@mcs.net
>     Alexandra Moore-Staub, Lucent Technologies, 630-979-4649, E-mail: 
>     alexandra@lucent.com
>     Larry Newton, Will County Waste Services Division, 815-727-8834,  Fax: 
>     815-722-3410 
>     If sending email message, please put "Satellite Forum" on the subject 
>     line. Be sure to include your name, address, fax number, phone number, 
>     and e-mail address.
>     This satellite forum is sponsored by USEPA's WasteWi$e program. Access 
>     to downlink sites has been provided through partnerships with national 
>     and state solid waste, government, and business service organizations. 
>     Additional information is available at the U. S. EPA's website: 
>     http://www.epa.gov/wastewise/.
>     ********************************************************************* 
>     Please feel free to forward this message to other interested parties. 
>     *********************************************************************

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