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Acrylic floor wax remover

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It's me again.  Thank you for all the help with the dust bowl in Pinellas County.  Here's a new one I need assistance with.  A gentleman called me about finding an environmentally safe alternative to his floor wax remover.  He uses those large waxing machines and stripping machines to clean floors.  Currently, he is using a solvent-based floor wax remover/stripper to clean his equipment everyday.  He has two 55-gallon drums of this stripper.  The equipment is placed in it overnight to soak and pressure-washed in the morning.  The local industrial pretreatment program does not want this waste going into his sewer drains.  The wax he is removing from the machines is acrylic-based.  He is using a degreaser to remove the wax.  

1.  Does anyone have any alternative cleaners/degreasers they can suggest that are environmentally friendly alternatives?
2.  Does anyone know of a safer floor wax to use?
3.  Does anyone have any soap/detergent floor cleaners for their once a week cleaning of their facilities polyurethane sealed concrete floor (obviously, they do not want to remove the polyurethane, just remove dirt, dust, etc.?

Please consider that these cleaners must be safe to wash down the drain without concern of high/low pHs, high BODs, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.