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Vehicle Fleet Maintenance P2 Experts Needed

Does anyone know of a vehicle fleet maintenance P2 expert who might be
willing to serve on a national advisory board for the creation of expert P2
materials for VFM? We need two to three more individuals with significant
shop floor experince to round out our advisory board. Please send me
his/her name and telephone number and anything you can tell me about his
experience/ whether he works well on a team. Thanks.

FYI. This effort is part of a national partnership between US EPA Region 9,
US EPA DFE/PETE program, NPPR and CCAR to create expert P2 materials for
auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance facilities. The auto advisory
board has met and given direction to EPA Region 9 and our contractor Tetra
Tech EM, Inc. on proposed areas of focus. The advisory board for VFM will
meet soon to accomplish the same. The next step is for the contractor to
develop detailed technical and financial information on the proposed areas
of focus (borrowing from existing literature/studies where possible). The
end results of both the auto and VFM projects will be kits of expert P2
worksheets, fact sheets, videos, training manuals and data collection tools
for selected P2 fixes. These kits will help auto shop owners and P2
technical assistance personnel select the best P2 fixes for implementation
in a given shop. These materials will be available nationally after January
1, 1999.