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ADMIN: Guidelines for Posting Job Announcements

Guidelines for Posting Job Announcements on P2Tech:

We have had a number of job postings lately, which, in and of itself, is
okay.  However, we need to establish a few guidelines so that the job
postings remain informative, rather than becoming advertisements for
organizations.  ___Advertisements and self-promotions are not allowed on
P2Tech.___  The list server will remain a free exchange of information.

1.  The subject of the message should be "Job Posting" or "Position
Announcement" so that it is clear to all subscribers that the message is
not of a technical nature.
2.  The body should be brief, containing the position title and a brief
description of the job and skills required.  
3.  Include a contact name or a reference web site for anyone seeking more

Please DO NOT include descriptions of your organization that appear to be
advertisements for services.  Anyone interested in this information should
get it from your web site or from a contact person in your organization,
rather than through the text of the message.  

I will contact individuals directly if I feel the content of their job
postings are potentially offensive.  If you have questions or concerns
about the policy or job postings in general, please contact me directly. 

Thanks for your cooperation.