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Proplyene Glycol Uses

    Propylene glycol is used for aircraft de-icing.  Perhaps a local 
    airport would be interested in using the material.
    I thought newer vehicles also use proplyene rather than ethylene 
    glycol but you may have to check this out in more detail.  As a 
    result, perhaps automotive garages, or anyone who maintains an 
    automotive fleet, may have a use for the material.
    Since maximum performance is obtained with a near 50-50 dilution 
    with water, you shouldn't have a problem provided the product is 
    greater than a 50% concentration.  Another issue you may wish to 
    keep one eye on is if the glycol has any additives...rust 
    inhibitors may be one additive necessary for automotive use.
    Mobile recyclers of ethylene glycol could serve as a good source 
    of information on who may be using propylene glycol.  Mobile 
    recyclers may also take the material since they are capable of 
    servicing generators of waste proplyene glycol with the same 
    equipment used for ethylene glycol recovery, and they are capable 
    of adjusting additives which is done as part of waste glycol 
    In PA, glycol recovery operations require a general permit so 
    lists of these operations are available.  Try checking with your 
    state's waste management division to find out if mobile reclaimers 
    are regulated/tracked.  Telephone listings or garages should also 
    be able to identify reclaimers in your area.