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Recycling Used Plastic Oil Bottles: Successes or Failures?

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to find out if anyone has success or failure stories of
municipal/state governments or recyclers who have tried to recycle used
plastic motor oil bottles.  The oil trapped in the bottles is what makes
them hard to handle and process, and I'm wondering if others have tried
to address the problem.

Here's one success story:

Mr. Dennis Fleener, recycling coordinator of Ft. Irwin, CA, saves the US
Govt $20,000 per year by draining used motor oil bottles with our
product, which he received for free on a trial basis.  He gets lots of
plastic bottles from visiting Army personnel, and he used to have to PAY
to have them hauled off as oily waste.  Now he receives money from a
local recycler for the plastic, and gets 15 gallons of free oil every
month to use in his equipment.  Just by letting gravity work on the

The 8 tools he received would have cost him $32 had he paid for them. 
$20,000 savings on a $32 investment...

Any other people trying to recycle used oil bottles?

Gerard Forgnone
Plastic Oil Products
BOB Oil Recovery System: http://home.inreach.com/geewhiz/muni.htm