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Use of Proplyene Glycol

    Last week I sent a message to the list about uses for propylene 
    glycol.  In the message I stated that optimum performance is 
    obtained with a 50-50 dilution of proplyene glycol and water(... 
    relative to aircraft de-icing or automotive coolant).
    Since that message, this statement was questioned and it was 
    indicated that proplyene glycol is best used at 100 percent, 
    unlike ethylene glycol.  Reportedly, the maximum boiling point of 
    proplyene glycol is in its pure state.
    (The freezing point was not discussed, but with aircraft the worry 
    is with water freezing and building-up on a surface, not the 
    glycol freezing point.)
    Is anyone able to clarify this information?  I apologize if my 
    information was incorrect.
    (I realize, relative to water, that changes in freezing and 
    boiling points is a constant based on the number of moles 
    introduced into the solution.  However, I don't think this is the 
    issue.  Do cars using proplyene glycol use it at near 100 percent 
    concentration??  Are aircraft de-icing operations spraying pure 
    proplyene glycol??)
    Any help would be appreciated.