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Approved: p2net 
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net, roundtable@great-lakes.net 
From: CSULLIVA@dem.state.in.us 
Subject: IN Job Posting

To: P2 Advocates

From: Tom Neltner, Assistant Commissioner, 
 Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance Indiana Department of
Environmental Management
Re: Pollution Prevention Branch Chief Position

Date: June 4, 1998

I am seeking to fill the pollution prevention branch chief position in my
office.  The manager needs to be a strong advocate for P2 committed to working
within the agency to integrate pollution prevention into regulatory program
work and to working cooperatively with businesses to help them voluntarily
implement pollution prevention.  

Our focus is on articulating what is needed, leveraging resources, and
creatively finding solutions to disputes.  We do this through awards, grants,
meetings (yes, meetings - but only productive ones! ;) ), publications,
training, conferences, reviewing rules and permits, and various other

However, we don’t generally do on-site technical assistance from our agency. 
That work is done by our partner, a quasi-state agency called the Clean
Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute.  

My goal is to find a manager who can serve as a facilitator, is willing to
the envelope of change, and believes in Prevention First!  The manager would
have four staff reporting directly to them in an office of 27.  The staff are
senior-level, experienced individuals, three of whom are engineers.  The
manager would also help direct the P2-oriented work in our Office of Voluntary
Compliance.  The manager would have the responsibility for managing about
$850,000 in funding.  More funding is available if the need can be

As a branch chief, the manager would be among the highest-level of merit
employees in the agency.  Minimum salary is just more than $40,000. 
Reimbursement for moving expenses is available.  

Please contact me at 317/233-6658 as soon as possible or email me at
“tneltner@dem.state.in.us”.  I can provide you with a position description,
application procedures, and background on our program.  We have plenty of
publications to send you if you have time for reading.  However, time is
short.  Our State Personnel Department must receive a completed application
from you by June 19.

This position is a challenging one.  The work is hard but fruitful.