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Reminder: Comments Sought on Standards Setting Process

Greetings, All - 

(My apologies for any cross postings you may receive.  This is a reminder
that your input is 
sought on a proposed process for standards setting.  Comments already
submitted will be 
used to help revise the draft document.)

As the pollution prevention (P2) community moves forward in sharing
information, the need 
to work together and collaboratively create tools for widespread use
suggests that a 
formalized process to set standards could enhance and simplify these
Possible standards that could be proposed, discussed, and adopted include: 
          specifications for web site design, 
          elements to include in case studies, 
          formatting for industry sector guides, 
          public domain scripts for common web site tasks, etc.

Widespread adoption and use of standards could help the P2 community
share information between different organizations. For example, a
standardized case 
study format could allow organizations to combine case study information
into a larger, 
richer database. 

Given this background, the National Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange
teamed with the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable's Information
Workgroup to develop a DRAFT process for the formal development and adoption 
of new standards. 

We need your help in adopting a robust process that works for us all.  We
you review and comment upon the draft process available at 


Comments/discussion due: Fri., June 19, 1998 
Revised document available: Mon., July 6, 1998 
Votes on whether to accept standard due: Mon., July 20, 1998 

Crispin Stutzman

Crispin Stutzman
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center
1326 Fifth Ave, Suite 650
Seattle, WA  98101
fax: 206-223-1165