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Year 2000 question

There has been a discussion in our office about the Year 2000 computing
problem.  For instance, the P2 link with Y2K.  Any computerized systems
that control manufacturing processes, wastewater treatment and/or other big
systems with big pipes that have effluent flowing through them could be
vulnerable to disruption if those computers wake up thinking it's 1900.
There could be a lot of liability, not to mention damage, if a Y2K shutdown
results in spills and emissions.  Getting those systems over the 2000 hump
could be thought of as P2, in a way.  Has anyone out there been thinking
about this problem and how it can be resolved.  Any ideas would be great.

Catherine M. Dickerson

Technical Director
Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center
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Seattle, WA 98101
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