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RE: environmental trends report?

The Council on Environmental Quality put out a 1994-95 report.  You might
want to try http://www.whitehouse.gov/CEQ to see if it's online or give CEQ
a call.

Also, for air data, EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
publishes (or at least did a few years ago when I last checked) the
"National Air Quality and Emissions Trend Report" and "National Air
Pollutant Emission Trends."

I hope this is helpful.


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> Posting this for a colleague who doesn't monitor P2Tech. 
> > Does anyone know whether there is a version later than the 1989 one for
> > the "Environmental Trends" report by the President's Council on
> > Environmental Quality (no longer there)?  Is there any other more recent
> > publication that compiles similar information.  The type of information
> I
> > am looking for includes data such as total annual quantity of BOD
> > generated by point and nonpoint sources in the US, total quantities of N
> > and P, acid deposition, etc.  
> Please reply to Aarti Sharma, Sharma@rti.org. Thanks!