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Re: surveys

Hi Madeline.

In 1994, the Colorado P2 Partnership conducted an assessment of small- and
medium-sized businesses. It was quite a thorough study, and yielded what I
think are some pretty interesting results. We have a copy of the final
report in our library which I can arrange to let you borrow. Or you can
call Parry Burnap with CO P2 Program (303) 629-2975 and find out how to get
a copy of your own. 

Also, we conducted our own little survey of small companies in MT last
summer. I have attached to this message a copy of the final report and the
survey instrument we used. Let me know if you have problems extracting this

Good Luck.

Todd MacFadden

At 02:19 PM 6/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I am seeking examples of market surveys of businesses that provide baseline
>information on behaviors and attitudes toward environmental programming
>from regulatory programs to the voluntary programs and pollution
>prevention..  An example of this was the "Study of Industry Motivation for
>Pollution Prevention" autohred by Nikki Roy and Ohad Jehassi at EPA in 1997.
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>See our website at http://www.pprc.org/pprc!

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