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Architectural Painting Cases

I am preparing a case for my students this fall at Harvard University.  I am 
going to prepare a video tape on the painting of some of the buildings at the 
Univeristy.  The video will focus on surface preparation, selection of the 
paint, painting, and clean-up.  Painters and university contracts supervisory 
personnel will be interviewed on tape.  Over the course of the fall semester, 
the students will view these tapes via the course Internet web site and use 
process characterization, problem-solving and decision-making tools to 
determine how prevention can be written into these contracts and what impact 
these prevention techniques will have on the cost and/or quality of the 
painting (it's a very old school, and we do want it to look good!).  Each 
student will prepare a report on their work.

My question is as follows:  Is anyone aware of any cases and/or web sites for 
the painting of buildings?  I know there is work available on painting in a 
manufacturing setting and for painting of ships, etc.  Anything on the 
preparation of WOOD for painting would be useful.  Are there any vendors with 
videos on painting techniques?

Bob Pojasek

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