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RE: Stainless Steel Waste Info:

In sheet metal fabrication some scrap is inevitable. There are, however,
many opportunities to minimize this. The most important thing you need
is management awareness and support. The products can be designed to
take advantage of standard material sizes. It may also be economical to
order special sizes. If the sheet metal is being punched out with NC
(numerical control) equipment, there is software available that will
automatically arrange the  parts on the blank sheet of sheet metal in
order to minimize waste. I cannot remember the term that is used to
describe this. Bundling seems to come to mind. Inventory control must be
involved in order to insure that a complete sheet of steel is used up
each time (one example). Once the workers understand the objectives they
will develop ideas such as using pieces that would normally be scrap, to
make other pieces. The whole business, management, sales, the fabshop,
engineering, etc, must get involved. It is important to keep the scrap
separated by material type in order to realize the maximum scrap value.
The scrap should be involved in order to determine what he will pay the
most for. He should be forced to bid on the scrap in order to keep
things in order. Management should analyze the scrap report. Is the
engineering department using computerized drawing such AutoCad? 

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> Hello p2techs,
> I am dealing with an company that makes stainless steel filtration
> units.
> They also make stainless steel air bag filters.  In this process the
> facility generates a lot of stainless steel filter scraps.  Is there
> any
> way to prevent this or reuse it instead of selling them as scrap
> stainless
> steel.  My E-mail address is given below.  Any information would be
> helpful.  Thank you.
> Patty.  
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