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NPPC's New Curriculum on Strategic Environmental Management


              The Publications Department of the 
   National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education 
             is happy to announce a new resource:
  The Pollution Prevention Educational Resource Compendium in

This compendium contains six documents, all of which may be 
ordered separately.  Please share this message with colleagues 
interested in applying environmental responsibility to strategy, 
in industry as well as in academia.  Thank you! 

1. "Introduction to the Strategic Environmental Management Compendium"
    discusses how to add environmental responsibility to management
    strategies such as competition and portfolio analysis.  The 
    author suggests specific compendium materials for each topic.  
    Also included are these brief notes: "What is SEM?" "Competitive
    Analysis: Key Concepts," and "Pollution Prevention: Overcoming
    Barriers to Success."  The price is $1.50 (U.S.).

2. "Resource List for Strategic Environmental Management" is organized 
    around topics such as competitiveness, eco-integrated portfolio
    analysis, and value creation.  The List cites 60 books, articles,
    reports, cases, and websites; detailed information on contacting

    publishers of materials not commonly found in your library; and  
    contact information for nine mentor faculty.  The cost is $1.00

3. "Environmental Marketing Annotated Bibliography" is organized
    alphabetically. It describes all documents cited in the Resource 
    List.  The cost is $1.50 (U.S.).

4. "Syllabi" include detailed outlines of strategic environmental
    management syllabi by Stuart Hart (Michigan), Doug Lober (Duke), 
    Alfie Marcus (Minnesota), and Forest Reinhardt (Harvard).  The
    cost is $6.00 (U.S.).
5. "Case Studies: Ringer, Deluxe, and Osmonics" illustrate the
    "high-value" strategy in three businesses that have environmental
    aspects:  Ringer produces alternative lawn-and-garden products, 
    Deluxe is a printer that creates a pollution-free ink, and 
    Osmonics manufactures water-quality filtration devices.  All 
    have developed environmentally superior products or services but 
    achieve different levels of success.  Students can analyze the 
    "green" vs. "black" aspects of these businesses' portfolios and
    suggest a course of action for each.  Discussion questions and
    teaching notes are provided for all cases.  The cost for all
    three cases is $3.50 (U.S.). 

6. "Student Assignments" are four brief sets of questions that faculty 
    can use with the cases included in the compendium or with other 
    cases cited therein: 
    - "Reducing Resource Use and Waste per Unit of Production:
       Comparing Pollution Prevention at 3M, Dow, and Polaroid"
    - "The Seven S's: Further Analysis of the Dow Case"
    - "Analyzing Environmental Aspects of Businesses: 
       Ringer, Osmonics, and Deluxe"
    - "Eco-Integrated Portfolio Analysis" 
    The cost for all four assignments is $2.00 (U.S.).

*** All NPPC orders must be prepaid *** To order these documents, send 
a check payable to "University of Michigan/NPPC" to:
            National Pollution Prevention Center
            430 East University Ave. 
            Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1115

Prices are set to cover the cost of photocopying and domestic (U.S. and
Canada) postage.  [International orders only: please add $3.00 to cover 
the cost of shipping.]  We are unable to accept credit cards or cash.  
Our Federal Tax ID# is 38-6006-309. 

For a complete list of NPPC educational resources: 
call (734) 764-1412; fax (734) 647-5841; 
e-mail nppc@umich.edu; or see http://www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/

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