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Caprolactum releases and POTW effects

June 19, 1998


Caprolactum is a chemical used to manufacture nylons.
We are trying to help a POTW in assessing the effect
of caprolactum loading in the influent on the operation
of the wastewater treatment plant. Eventually, we will
interact with the factory releasing the Caprolactum in
the wastewater discharge.

Caprolactum is not required to be reported in Tier II
(EPCRA 312) or Form R. I have not located any entry for
it in the Form R database. I was hoping to find other
POTWs in the US that handle caprolactum discharges,
and to talk to them. We need top develop a strong incentive for
the industrial plant that uses caprolactum, to seriously
consider P2 measures.

I welcome any comments or experiences in:
- the treatment, and P2 of Caprolactum releases
- the location of POTW's that handle caprolactum
- any internet sites that have detailed info on

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