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FW: Disinfectant Inquiry

MnTAP currently has an intern project involving disinfection procedures at a 
veterinary hospital.  The goal of the project is to reduce the disinfectant 
loading to the wastewater treatment system while still maintaining the 
efficacy necessary to prevent infection and disease.  The intern is 
reviewing current disinfection protocols of large and small animal pens and 
kennels.  The efficacy of the current protocol will be gauged as will the 
efficacy of alternative protocols.

Does anyone know of similar projects, products or protocols that would be 
useful in this application?  With the current focus on mercury does anyone 
have knowledge of disinfectant/antimicrobial products containing mercury 
that should be avoided?  What about the basics of the "best tool for the 
job" based on current knowledge or school of thought?

Thanks for your assistance!!