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Retired Engineers ... etal

Vince, I was made aware of your NHPPP and the retired engineers on-site
assistance program by one of my State of Illinois co-workers in our P2
program.   Even though I work primarily with energy programs, she is aware
of my interest in developing marketplace involvement with individuals
concerned with the design and delivery within our energy and environmental
economy .

In 1993 we founded a not-for-profit, 501(c)6 association in Illinois called
the Association of Professional Energy Consultants (APEC).  The primary
concern of APEC is to develop an  unbiased and uniform source of regionally
based marketplace individuals and companies dedicated to energy and
environmental education, technology transfer and appropriate applications.
We are strictly an independent source of networking issues  for energy and
environmental consultants,  end-users, engineers, architects and other
concerned energy service providers.

We do NOT recommend or endorse any person, company, technology or service.

If you would be interested in receiving information on APEC and how we are
progressing, please forward your mailing address and I will be glad to
forward a brochure and some materials on APEC and some of our programs.

FYI - we will be starting a new chapter in the Chicago area on July 9, 1998
- the meeting will be held at the U. S. DOE Argonne National Laboratory
just south of the city.  If you know of interested engineers or other
individuals, feel free to pass this information along.  I can be reached at
(217) 785-2862 or, my APEC email is:    apec1@fgi.net

Thank you for your time.

Don McGee