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RE: Hi Tech Water Efficiency success stories?


I received a copy of your e-mail from Grant McCulloch at Environment

You may already be aware of this, as Lidia Liu and Rob Burkhart of the
City of San Jose are named in this reference, but have you obtained a
copy of the "Industrial Water Conservation Information Sharing Network"?
It is available from the City of Phoenix Water Conservation and
Resources Division. The phone number is shown as (602) 261-8366. My copy
is from 1994/1995, but they may have an update. 

You may also wish to contact Stephanie McFayden at (613) 241-5692;
e-mail: admin@cwwa.ca           She works for the CWWA. They are setting
up a success story database, and may have a relevant story already. 

Also, requesting information through C2P2 (Canadian Centre for Pollution
Prevention) may help you find some relevant stories. The administrator,
Marianne Lines,  is available at (800) 667-9790 or at

Hope this helps. Looking forward to you success story.


Lisbeth Liebgott
Water Use Efficiency Coordinator
Pollution Prevention
Manitoba Environment
123 Main Street, Suite 160
Winnipeg MB R3C 1A5
(204) 945-8980  phone
(204) 945-1211 fax

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> >The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center has been asked by the
> City of
> >San Jose to research success stories for water efficiency and
> recycling in
> >semiconductor and disk drive manufacturing operations. The City is in
> >violation of its flow cap and must reduce discharge by 22 MGD by
> November or
> >face a hookup moratorium. 
> >
> >They want us to organize an industrial water efficiency roundtable to
> >showcase
> >successful projects that have implemented efficiency and/or recycling
> systems
> >on site. Please send us any papers or contacts that are willing to
> showcase
> >their work.
> >
> >Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.
> >
> >Pat Ferraro
> >The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center
> >351 Brookwood Drive
> >San Jose, CA 95116
> >408 291-0131 Fax:408 294-7362 
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