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UIC/Safe Drinking Water Act/TRI

June 26, 1998

Dear P2ers,
I've just started my research into underground injection control permit
(UIC) research and potential pollution of aquifers serving as a sole source
of drinking water for communities and here are some of my findings:

1. There is no national data base for sole source aquifers (SSA) and or
aquifers which serve as the only source of drinking water for a community.

2. There is no national data base for underground injection well permits
(Class 1 and Class 5) for hazardous waste as identified under the national
Toxic Release Inventory program.

3.There is no national data base for expired UIC permits.

4.Despite the 1996 admendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
directing the USEPA to support the protection of all public drinking water
sources under the Source Water Assessment & Protection (SWAP) program and
the Wellhead Protection (WHP) program very few states have an enforced these

5.Officials at the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
(ATSDR) state all unmonitored ground water is at risk of contamination from
toxins coming from point source waste sites (ie.UIC permits).

For a review of toxic waste discharge in the US see:



What data has your organization gathered on the topic of UIC and drinking
ground water and are my finding correct?

Best Wishes, 
Donald Sutherland
Consultant on Environmental Management Systems