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Control System for Wood Dryers in Veneer manufacturing

Hi P2-tech,

I would like to know if anyone has modeled or optimized control systems on
Dryers that are used to dry the moisture content in plywood or veneer

One of the lumber industry has problems with their steam dryers that
produce sheets that are too wet or too dry. Temperature
difference is sensed in the third and final zone of drying (totally there
are 3 zones) and speed of passing the sheets alone is
controlled. The problem with this approach is that the veneer sheets in
the input has varying moisture content. So already dry
sheets come out of the dryer as too dry. If the speed of passing the
sheets is increased, then the sheets emerge out wet. So this
is a problem. 

The plant manager wants to mathematically model the entire control system
and wants to optimize the output. I just want to
know if anyone has taken a lead in this direction. 

I would very much appreciate if anyone can contact me regarding this at
the earliest.


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